tactile/2010/carved soap/cmx11x1,5

carved soap/cmx11x1,5

Tactile is a site-specific wall installation consisting of 48 pieces of carved castile soap. Each element represent a letter of the Braille alphabet. The letters compose the sentence “ the essential is invisible to the eyes”, a quote from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I put the elements in two different places. A small part (“to the eyes”) has been placed in the art gallery, on the wall near the exit. The soap is hung at a height that invite the observer to touch the work. The whole sentence has been installed in a nail shop, near the exhibition space.
Because of the nature of the material, this work is intended to disappear. In this way, the content gradually become “private” and the observer is led along a way which is not only physical or sensory, but it alludes to something inner and immaterial.