• untitled/tolerance/2008
    iron, aluminium, electric engines, paper, flower/cm90x90x80

    Diversity has never been such a terrible blame as it’s being in these days of tolerance
    Pierpaolo Pasolini

    This installation has a bare and simple shape that recalls industrial machineries. It consists of three aluminium pulleys putted on top of an iron table (cm 94x94x80) that make turn a paper blade. A small electric motor controls the movement of a mechanical device that supports a flower and drives it against the blade. Thereby the flower is led to a sure end and it’s inexorably decapitated.
    The public is invited to interact with the work, since the installation only comes alive with a voluntary action of the observer, that is to say by inserting the flower in the mechanical device. In that way the motor and the blade start up and, for few seconds, their uncanny noise pervades the whole space.
    I called this work “tolerance”. The tolerance is a purely nominal concept, thus a “real” tolerance would be a contradiction: we tolerate what we identify as different from us, but not acceptable. The famous Italian writer Pierpaolo Pasolini used to say that the tolerance is a courteous form of racism that has nothing to do with the acceptance: “I tolerate you as long as you turn into me”, whereas “I accept you as you are”.
    That is what I tried to highlight by the opposition between the natural element, due to the flower, and the artificial one, due to the industrial appearance of the installation and to the transformation of the vegetal component (the paper) into blade.